How Machine Learning is transforming Marketing

As many other tech tools did, machine learning is now a key potential tool to impulse marketing. Many companies are currently working on strategic forms to optimize marketing through technology, in which companies turn out to be pioneers in data analytics and valuable information simplification of users.

Both developers and marketing experts are currently using machine learning to restructure traditional marketing business models, redefine categories, and challenge the user’s vision about marketing, which allows them to obtain different benefits.

Data as a potential tool for development

The current role of apps for mobile devices is to offer aggregated value to users, allowing at the same time, marketers to reinforce their relationships with them. However, is it still a struggle to know certain information in order to understand the customer needs more accurately. The answer to questions such as, who are my profitable customers? Where are they located? How can I turn them into current customers? is yet an uncertain current need.

Throughout real-time data analysis, and smart & optimized decision making to improve the performance of companies, machine learning allows marketing specialists to have a wide overview of the market and more time to focus on strategic tasks.

In fact, many Latin American countries have found a solution to low workforce productivity with machine learning to optimize their economical performance, at a point where significant growth is expected to be noticed by 2035. Autonomous machines, chatbots, among others, have helped to lower issues related to the country’s productivity.

Optimization of advertising based on customer needs

As a marketing specialist, one of your biggest challenges is to determine a target market that will support your brand enough to establish customer loyalty. But even more important, is to be able to identify those customers that will reinforce your profitability.

For that reason, to begin you need that the system analyzes the currently known target, meaning the most profitable users of your apps or platforms. The previously mentioned is done through machine learning.

Once you had already identified the key users or customers of your current platforms, the system would automatically search for similar profiles of users and at the same time, it would look in locations that might not have been considered before to make sure anyone under that specific profile is covered. Thus, the tool helps companies to easily find and attract clients’ attention.

App Campaign tool simplifies the process of advertising by helping you increase your audience through the promotion of your app in the most trending Google tools, such as Search, Google Play, Youtube, Discover in Google Search, and the Display network from Google as well. Companies like Trivago aimed to increase the number of users of its app, up to 20% using the Google App Campaign tool.

The role of marketers

Machine learning is for sure a support for marketing specialists when it comes to running campaigns, and even if it makes the process of advertising more simplified it still depends on the information provided by the specialists on the subject. This means that marketers should access the most accurate and relevant information possible, and improve Apps’ landing pages to obtain optimal results.

Even if machine learning seems to be a threat to the human workforce, it is also predicted that many countries of the third world would see benefits in artificial intelligence to improve current production and labor processes. The latest technology will not also replace, but optimized human labor in the sense that humans will be trained to learn how to work efficiently with machines.

To conclude, it’s fair to mention that even if machine learning provides huge support to marketers, a company’s growth not only relies on the marketing strategy but also on other factors that complement the production flow among other processes of the organization.

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